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Introduction to EVL
Objectives of EVL
Organization of EVL
Activities of EVL

Introduction to EVL

The creation of Econographication Virtual Laboratory (EVL) was inspired by the new concept of Multi-Dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System and the new types of graphs based on this concept. EVL seeks to introduce alternative graphical tools to the fields of economics, finance, business and the sciences for use in research and the teaching-learning process. EVL is also intended to be a venue for academics, researchers and policy makers in these fields to exchange ideas pertaining to the use of graphical tools for advancement of knowledge and innovations. Towards this end, it invites interested parties to publish their ideas and works involving application of graphical tools, including those based on the Multi-dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System.

Objectives of EVL

The overall objective of EVL is to promote design, development and application of alternative graphical tools that can be applied broadly in any area of research, especially in economics, sciences, finance and business.The specific objectives of EVL are:

    *       to create a network of specialists in economics, sciences, finance and business from around the world to exchange ideas about the application and development of graphical tools for research and teaching-learning purposes.
    *       to encourage the use of simulators to provide solutions for issues in the private and public sectors, applying among others the new data analysis concept called "Real-Time Meta-Data Visualization System (RMV-System)".
    *       to promote the application of alternative graphical tools in various fields of research, including Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine.

Organization of EVL

EVL is divided into five sections:

      Information and Data Analysis
      Research and Development of New Graphical Tools and Methods
      Software Design
      Prototypes Design
      Training and Learning

EVL aims at carrying out the following activities over time.

      Research Collaboration
      Design and Analysis Cooperation
      Conferences and Seminars

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